Give us your problem. We know that someone going through a separation is going through a difficult time. We give you relief from trying to manage your own legal problem.

We believe that our clients deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We know that seeing a family law or divorce lawyer is not what people generally want to do but need to do given their circumstances at a particular point in their lives.

We give you peace of mind that your legal matter is in the hands of lawyers who are passionate about family law, love what they do and, above all, provide an excellent and specialised service to their clients and provide a range of solutions to their problems.

We will deal with the legal and technical issues that arise in your family law matter so that you can focus on looking after yourself and what matters most in your life. We will provide you with clear advice about your legal options and strategies to best help your situation. We will give you honest risk analysis and address expectations. Our advice will enable you to ensure that you can make informed decisions about your matter at each step of the way.

We have already helped many people resolve their family law legal situations and we want to help you. Regardless of your circumstances, we promise to provide you with sophisticated, professional and compassionate representation.

We will assist you to develop solutions to your problems, whether it be through a preferred out of Court solution or, as a last result, by providing you with fierce and strong representation in Court. We are strong and smart negotiators and litigators with many years of experience in the family law courts and in high stakes family law litigation. We are grounded and practical, and will always advocate for clients to find ways to resolve their matter without the need of litigation.