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Anna has been working in family law since 2000 and an accredited specialist in family law since 2011.  Anna is passionate about parenting matters involving young children or high conflict and risk issues such as mental health and addiction problems.

Anna also has a Commerce degree and has a particular interest in complex property matters where there is a need to investigate complicated business interests or commercial structures.

She also helps clients with a small asset pool to work out ways to divide their property using the law and being as cost effective as possible.​

Anna fiercely but also pragmatically represents her clients through each an every stage of their matter, whether it be through preparing documents to formalise an agreement reached between parties or assisting client’s through dispute resolution processes such as mediation, negotiation and collaboration.  As a last resort, Anna is very comfortable litigating complex family law matters and has spent many years successfully advocating for her clients in Court.

Anna volunteers for a number of organisations and has held board positions in the community and is part of the Australian Polish community. When she is not in court or the community, you will find her running after her two young sons.

Favourite time waster: reading pop culture magazines.