We know that there is no “one size fits all” family law matter. We also know it is essential to find family lawyers that have the expertise and skill necessary to apply to your unique situation. Family law is complex and if not done properly, your rights can be significantly prejudiced and parenting arrangements may be compromised.

Fees are variable but we strive to give clients certainty with respect to their fees and we offer a matrix of fee options to suit individual circumstances. When we give an estimate or quote, we stick to it. If additional work is required, we will always discuss this with our clients first and reach agreement before progressing.

Get in Touch

We will try to understand your problem, identify any initial work involved and discuss the fee. Read about some of our services below:

Initial Consultation – this may be all that you need or just for the time being. You might have some questions that need answered, a comprehensive plan, or may just need to consider your options. We can offer you a flat fee for an initial appointment.

Agreement Drafting/Independent Legal Advice – many clients come to us with an agreement already reached with their partner, wanting to formalise that agreement in law or needing independent legal advice.

Advice on discrete matters – this includes existing trial strategy or an appeal or if you are anticipating separation.

Full representation – from negotiations with your former partner/spouse or their lawyer up to and including going to Court.

Unbundled legal service – we recognise that some clients may need or want advice at certain stages of their matter or they may want to significantly reduce overall legal fees. We can work with you to determine the level of our assistance and guidance.

Assisting interstate and overseas lawyers – We have experience helping with interstate or overseas lawyers dealing with Canberra and Australian Courts.